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DIH & Ergoline – A Strong Partnership for Cardiological Training in China
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Beijing, June1st, 2018. Globalneurological rehabilitation solution leader DIH has announced a new strategicpartnership: In thefuture, its Beijing based DIH China arm will collaborate with the German basedcompany Ergoline, world leadingprovider in the field of high-quality ergometers and intelligent systems for monitoredcardiologicaltraining, to accelerate thedevelopment of Cardiological training in China.

Effective from June 1st,2018, DIH holds the exclusivedistribution rights for the Ergoline training system ERS2 in China. Togetherwith Ergoline and the third partytraining provider, the German based Revitalizing Rehabilitation Solutions (RRS), DIH intensifies its engagement in thefield of Cardiologic training.

Driven by its vision of DeliverInspiration & Health to transform rehabilitation care & humanperformance, DIH strives to provide integrated evidence-based intelligentsolutions & standard by uniting the best of technologies, innovators, andresources through close partnerships with renowned market leaders and expertsall over the world.

“We are excited to kick off the new strategicpartnership with Ergoline and RRS, which shall enhance & further expandDIH’s total solutions to the field of Cardiological training. In no field in China there issuch an increasing demand for rehabilitation solutions as in the field ofCardiology” says Jason Chen, CEO of DIH.

The massivegrowth of cardiological users and the rapidaging population in China calls for effective cardiological training solutions

Cardiologicaltraining in China is still inits early stage and will expand tremendously within the next years. The demandsare huge: Estimated more than 20 million Chinese suffer from Coronary heart problems, every year 3 million people die fromcardiovascular problems. There is a growingrecognition that efficient training standards have to bedeveloped to let a higher percentage of cardiological users benefit from the positive effects of training programs.

Safe training enhances the life quality of cardiac users - intelligent technology plays acrucial role

Systematically developing theperformance of the cardiovascular system is one of the major goals ofcardiological training. Ergometertraining on the basis of standardized protocols has become an establishedstandard worldwide to achievethis. Ergoline has developed the Ergoline training system ERS2, its superior, intuitivelyoperated device. Theintelligent system providessafe training in Cardiology, monitors the most important body parameters duringthe training and collects all relevant data for quality management and outcomecontrol.

Josef De Wit, ErgolineCEO, sees this new chapterwith DIH in China, as a “unique opportunity to improve thepositive outcomes in Cardiological training and demands of millions of Chinese people who suffer fromcardiological problems.”

Dr. Oliver Kieffer, CEO of RRS, a leader inrehabilitation solutions in Germany and exclusive DIH partner, states that heis “excited to start the new alliance with DIH, Ergoline and RRS in theCardiology field. In this new cooperation, we will work hard to provide themost advanced solutions and improve the living quality of cardiac users in China. ”

The partnership with Ergolinewill strengthen DIH’s Total Solutions & Training capabilities in the fieldof Cardiological training, positioning the group as a platform for themost innovative players in rehabilitation technology & human performance intervention.Through the intended long-term partnership, Ergoline, RRS & DIH aim to helpcardiac users in China toimprove their condition and life quality, getting back to work and social life –fast, safe and comprehensive.

About DIH

DIH stands for the corporate vision to“Deliver Inspiration and Health” with an aim to transform the way healthcare isdelivered and to inspire a new health 4.0 eco-systems through transformativemindsets that uniting the best technologies, experts & leaders, and resourcesinto an accelerating force of innovation. Combining advanced robotic systems, VR, and automation software, DIHprovides state-of-the-art, cloud-based “total solutions” to make a differencein the continuous therapeutic & human performance interventions; withobjective to significantly reduce disability & impairment, to avoid hugeproductivity loss and deteriorating health consequence. To accelerate therealization of its vision, DIH has enjoyed the honor of merged global robotics Switzerland-basedHocoma, the global leader for robotic and sensor-based devices for functionalmovement therapy, Dutch-based global VR & Movement Platform leadingprovider Motek, and Dutch leading rehabilitation clinical pathway provider MRS.In addition, DIH works closely with strategic partners such as Tyromotion,NuStep, RRS etc.

About Ergoline

The German based company Ergolineis an owner operated German company and widely regarded as the leading provider of ergometersand advanced training solutions in the field of Cardiological training. More than 40,000 ergolineergometers are currently in use in practices, sports centers and trainingfacilitiesworld-wide. Today, Ergoline isseen as a modern and innovativecompany that has grown into an international supplier in over 30 countries. In hundreds of traininginstitutions across theglobe, the Ergoline system ERS provides safe and efficient Cardiac training.

About RRS

Revitalizing Rehabilitation Solutions (RRS) is based inMainz, Germany, and as partner of DIH specializes in training, education and associated services inChina. The RRS team around its founder, Dr. Oliver Kieffer, provides specialized training programs for the Ergoline ERS conceptsand supports the implementation of evidence based cardiological training concepts in China. The RRS partnernetwork of experts and partnerinstitutions provide on-site trainingcourses, high-quality training classes and internships in foreign Cardiologicalrehabilitation institution.