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DIH Made a Grand Show at ChinaMed 2017
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ChinaMed2017, i.e. the 29th International Medical Instrument & EquipmentExhibition, one of the largest and most influential annual gatherings ofmedical instruments and equipment suppliers, closed with a grand success atChina National Convention Center in Beijing on March 26, 2017. DIH, which hadtook part in it for 4 years in succession, showed its proud brands Hocoma,Motek and MRS there for the first time, creating a brand new image for itselfand winning a wide acclaim from domestic and overseas visitors.

Duringthe exhibition, DIH’s booth was full of customers all the while. Particularlylower-limbrehabilitation robot, LokomatPro and cardiopulmonary & Endurance system CPXwere focus catching eyes across the exhibition. Not only the media were busytaking photos of them, many rehabilitation colleagues vied for experiencing andinquiring about them too.

What’sworthy of mention was that the world’s first cardiopulmonary exercise testsystem, i.e. Pivot CPX, waswidespread with attention and praise on the New ProductLaunch section of China Med 2017, hailed as an indispensible, omnipotentassistant for clinical rehabilitation and scientific research.

Atthe 2017 sub-forum on the Research and Clinical Application of Intelligent RehabTechnologies, a large number of top rehab experts from across the world offeredto share precious experence for integrating clinical treatment with suchcutting-edge rehab technologies as rehab robotics and virtual reality, etc. Ms.ConstanzeMeier, clinical application manager of Hocoma, introduced in great details thelatest progress of global research on rehab robotics and its clinical application, shared the unique technological advantages of Lokomat’, and exchangedin-depth with audience on such clinical issues as gait training and evaluationfor patients suffering spinal cord injury or stoke.

Throughoutthe 3-day exhibition, DIH’s booth was always full of visitors. Many customerscame over for the specific purpose of learning about the company’s products indetails; some dealers even entered into negotiation with the company oncooperation at the exhibition site. According to incomplete statistics, domesticand foreign customers showed up at DIH’s stand more than a thousandperson-times on the first day alone. We believe that recognition and trust ofcustomers will inevitably accelerate DIH’s development pace all over the world,urging it to bring more welfare to patients and its counterparts in theindustry.