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DIH China 2017 Rehab Partners Kickoff Meeting Closed Successfully
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Join DIH for a win-win future! DIH China 2017 Rehab Partners Kickoff Meeting was held as scheduled on March 27. More than 50 partners from all over the country gathered in Beijing to discuss their cooperation with DIH.

At the meeting, DIH founder and President Mr. Chen Jihai first expressed his warm welcome and cordial gratitude to participating guests of distinction, and then shared his views on the mainstream position and the cyclone effect of the rehab industry in the age of big health from the following points of view: global trend of the rehab industry’s development, national policies, and integration and application of intelligent technologies, etc. In addition, with reference to the “tender points” and core issues of the rehab industry, he demonstrated how DIH have been taking the lead in generating disruptive innovation and growth through cutting-edge intelligent technologies and professionals in the 4G era after merging with Hocoma, Motek and MRS and becoming a globally leading enterprise in intelligent rehab.

DIH founder and President Mr. ChenJihai shared the mission and vision of DIH with participants.

Picture:①DIH strategy officer Ms. Hu Hongshared her views on development trends and macro-policies concerning the rehabindustry.

②Ms. Li Jing, President of DIH rehaboperations in China, introduced the rehab operations and the 2017 marketingstrategies.

③Mr. RayFeng,DIH seniorsupervisor for project proposals and application introduced DIH’s totalsolution for rehab.

④Ms. Ma Lihua, DIH Vice President forrehab clinical application and training, shared developments and opportunitiesof the rehab science.

⑤Ms. Wang Han, DIH senior marketingmanager, shared the exhibitions and marketing channels of rehab operations in2017.

Banquet after the meeting

Through adifferentiated development strategy characterized by both endogenous andexogenous growth, ongoing efforts of innovation and integration over 7 years,and investment amounting to billions, DIH has so far become an absolute globalleader of the intelligent rehab market and a top enterprise dealing in P2Pintelligent pharmacy-network terminals and platforms. “Pitch in and sweat blood!”This was the voice of all participants at the meeting. They all said that theywould be more confident about the future of DIH and continue to strive for awin-win outcome hand in hand with DIH. It is believed that such confidence isderived not just from the honor of previous cooperation and the resulting trustin DIH, but also from DIH’s capacities in leading innovation and foreseeing thefuture and its abundant strength in integrating global, advantaged resources.In 2017, DIH hopes to form a community of shared destiny with global partners,with the view of sharing opportunities and sharing the future.