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Former Johnson&Johnson Medical Senior Executive Li Jing Joins DIH as Head of the Rehab Operations in China
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Li Jing, head of DIH’s rehab operations in China

With former Johnson & Johnson Medical senior executive Li Jing taking the helm of DIH’s rehab operations in China, DIH’s management was joined by another managerial heavyweight in early 2017. According to established division of work, Li will take full charge of the sales, marketing, product, commercial research and training work at DIH’s Rehab Operations, including building a world class marketing management team, pushing the transition of DIH’s rehab products from terminal-based to application-based platform, and creating rehab total solutions centered on customer value experiencing, etc.

Mr. Chen Jihai (formerly named Chen Jufu), DIH’s founder and President, said that he was extremely excited to have Li join DIH, who is a versatile managerial talent with good reputation in the medical industry and blessed with rich experience in managing global businesses and superb team leadership and was once an excellent executive of the world pharmaceutical mogul Johnson & Johnson Medical. While in the employ of Johnson & Johnson Medical, Li also undertook management jobs in human resources, so he believed that Li’s joining would consolidate DIH’s leadership in the intelligent rehabilitation market and that she would, with existing teams, create new miracles for DIH’s rehab business.

DIH strategy officer and spokesperson Hu Hong said that, for the next decade to come, DIH’s development strategy is to integrate global resources to create an intelligent health ecosystem that extends from smart terminals to applied platforms and services, availing the historic opportunities brought to the greater health industry by 4G intelligent control (robot) technologies (ICTs),intelligent perception and wearable device technologies, and the new health reform plan of the Chinese government. In order to put that strategy in place, DIH must siphon first rate talents from across the world on an ongoing basis; and Li Jing’s join-in will greatly facilitate realization of that strategy, helping DIH to maintain its leading position in rehab technology innovations and products.

When her appointment was announced, Li said, “I’m very glad to join DIH, a fast growing company with international perspective in this era of change. DIH’s future strategies, President Chen Jihai and the passionative teams, as well as the unprecedented opportunities in the rehab industry, are all important factors that have attracted me into this company. It has been three years since I first heard about DIH. During these years, I have witnessed the growth, transformation and take-off of DIH as President Chen’s friend and an outsider However, to leave Johnson & Johnson Medical, a world class platform, is really a very important decision to me, whether in gratitude to the former employer or in respect to career changes in the future. Nevertheless, as the saying goes, ‘Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind.’ So we must constantly make breakthroughs on ourselves and have the gut to take on new opportunities, which is a mission assigned to us by the times. The world class strategic goals of DIH and its resolve to make the best enterprise in China and even across the world, as well as the entrepreneurial passion of all DIH people, have finally overwhelmed and attracted me.”

With respect to the important duty of managing various lines of the rehab operations and executing their affairs, Li Jing said straightforward that she felt a grave responsibility on her shoulders, but she would collaborate closely with her team in assisting DIH’s rehab operations to score even greater achievements in the future.

It is known that Li, holder of a bachelor’s degree and an EMBA degree conferred respectively by Beihang University and Olin School of Business, Washington University in St. Louis, had worked for Johnson & Johnson Medical for 14 years before she joined DIH. At Johnson & Johnson, she was promoted all the way from a management trainee to Business Unit Head who took full charge of the unit’s marketing and sales. Moreover, she has served there in a number of departments, such as sales, marketing and human resources, etc, and made great achievements in all of them. At DIH, Li will hear reports from various business units of the existing rehab operations and report directly to President Chen. The industry believed that this appointment is an important measure for DIH to integrate global human resources on an ongoing basis and tap and penetrate the rehab business in all respects after merging with Motek, a globally leading virtualreality platform, Hocoma, a global leader in intelligent rehab robotics, and MRS, a leader in rehab clinical pathways management.