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Dear Sir orMadam


Are youinterested in pushing the field of Rehabilitation Technologies forward byexchanging your ideas and sharing your experiences with engineers, clinicalresearchers, clinicians, industry-, and patient representatives as well aspoliticians and insurers from all around the world? Then it is our greatpleasure to invite you to attend the third RehabWeek, which will take place inLondon, from July 17th to 20th 2017.

We are, for thethird time after 2011 in Zürich and 2015 in Valencia, combining four reputableinternational events in the field of rehabilitation technology for theRehabWeek 2017 with the goal to bring all players in the field to the sameplace at the same time. The four participating conferences are:

· IEEE International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics(ICORR)

· International Neurorehabilitation Symposium (INRS)

· Annual Meeting of the International Functional ElectricalStimulation Society (IFESS)

· British Society of Rehabilitation Medicine (BSRM) Meeting

The generaltheme of the RehabWeek 2017 is "Translation and clinical delivery".The aim of rehabilitation should be to maximize recovery for real lifeactivities. Hereby, we should encourage restorative practices at every turnresulting to achieve the coordinated use of affected extremities or faculties.Ideally, clinicians and engineers alike desire affordable technology systemsthat span to clinical and home environment, are easy to use and result infunctional gains that carryover to real life. Over the last decade we havewitnessed the development of technology playing a pivotal role in measurement,assessment, therapy provision through movement assistance and social aspects.Although a number of very exciting ideas found their way to commercialization,the slow uptake of technology seem to be associated (among other factors) withthe need to make technology transparent to the user. Besides the technologicalpush, we now face the challenge of making such technology meaningful to theclinicians, patients and support networks.


The London RehabWeekwill target basic science, the translation of technologies across fields andpromote clinical delivery. It will have a strong user involvement, inspire theyounger generations and galvanise experts to tackle the challenges aheadthrough collaboration.


We would like toinvite you to join us in making the RehabWeek 2017 an inspiring, innovative andsuccessful event.


Kind regards

Rehab Week Steering Committee