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Jason Chen Won 2016 China AI Leading Figure Award
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With the opening- of 2016 World Robot Conference drawing near, the first China Artificial Intelligence Technology and Application Conference, namely the awarding ceremony in memory of 60th Anniversary of Artificial Intelligence, was held in Beijing on Oct 20th. Mr. Jason Chen , the founder and CEO of DIH Technology, with his outstanding contribution in the field of artificial intelligence and industrial innovation, won the 2016 China Artificial Intelligence Leading Figure Award of the 60th Anniversary of Artificial Intelligence, setting standard and role model for the development of intelligent medicine in China.

Picture #1: Mr. Jason Chen- founder and CEO of DIH Technology, won the 2016 China Artificial Intelligence Leading Figure Award of the 60th Anniversary of Artificial Intelligence

On the venue of the grand ceremony, multitudes of academicians gathered and the light of brilliance and wisdom sparkled. Tens of academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering as well as more than 300 experts and scholars in the realm of science and technology, got together to enjoy this scientific and technological feast of artificial intelligence.

CCID Consulting, the organizer, and sponsor of the event, said that artificial intelligence, survived from the rises and falls in the past sixty years, is embracing an unprecedented flourishing stage, The initiative to set up such awards is to honor and recognize the enterprises and individuals that have made outstanding contribution to China’s intelligence industry. A leading figure entrepreneurs in the intelligent medical industry, Mr. Jason Chen-,with strategic vision and sharp global insight in intelligent medicine, has led DIH Technology to embark on the new road of - technological innovation in intelligent rehab and pharmacy. As a result, DIH Technology takes the lead in China to bring in evolutionary intelligent technologies and products such as Caren system, rehab robots and smart pharmacy, and undertake key research projects of China’s 12th Five-year Plan and 13th Five-year Plan. Furthermore, DIH’s products such as upper and lower extremities robot, VR rehabilitation system and intelligent pharmacy management system, have filled the market gaps in China’s medical equipment field and ushered a new model of intelligent medical service into the industry.

Meanwhile, DIH Technology has continuously invested in building a leading position in premier technology & application platform in Rehabilitation and Pharmacy automation through global M&A. With products selling in global markets, it has established regional R&D platforms in Amsterdam and manufacturing centers in intelligent rehab and pharmacy in Seoul of South Korea and Wuxi of China. In Aug 2016, DIH Technology has just merged with Hocoma, a Swiss intelligent rehab robot brand and global market leader in rehab robotics. These efforts have made groundbreaking contributions in boosting the development of the industry and integrating China into the global landscape of the advanced technologies. With these achievements, Mr. Jason Chen deserves the honor.

There is s no doubt that artificial intelligence, as the core technology of Industry 4.0., is becoming a key engine for new industrial revolution. Under the leadership of Jason Chen-, DIH Technology will continue to grasp the unprecedented opportunities for healthcare industry brought by leading -edge technologies such as robotic and advanced control, AI, sensing and wearable devices. DIH’s vision is to become a global leader in I-pharmacy and I-rehab by 2020, and establish end-to-end smart medication platform and integrated care model for transforming human performance and enhance social wellness.