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DIH i-Pharm Inspected Again by Leaders from Hospitals of All Levels in Yunnan Province
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As the world’s only developer and integrator that provides end-to-end smart pharmacy system and overall solutions for different medication scenarios, DIH Technologies is visited by more and more medical institutions for exchange. Delegations arrive at DIH one after another following the visit of directors and leaders from all hospitals in Sichuan under the organizing of Sichuan Hospital Association and the exchange with military clinic of PLA General Hospital over i-Pharm last week.

To respond to the guideline proposed in the Report on the Implementation of Talent Training Program for General County Public Hospital Pharmaceutical Reform issued by National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC, improve the competence for County Public Hospital General Reform of Yunnan, foster high-quality talents for general pharmaceutical management and advance the pharmaceutical management in county hospitals, the association organized directors from nearly 200 county and city hospitals and pharmaceutical management personnel to inspect the intelligent out-patient pharmacy, central pharmacy and in-patient pharmacy which DIH had customized for the First People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province, the Third People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province and the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University and arranged these teaching hospitals to give trainees centralized lessons and on-spot teaching on the Training Class for Directors and Pharmacy Department Heads of Talent Cultivating Program for County Public Hospital Pharmaceutical Reform. This was collaboratively organized by Yunnan Hospital Association and Peking University Health Science Center on Sep. 22, 2016.

Caption: Director Shao Qinghua of the Third People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province introduced the current practice of hospital’s medical reform and the development of medical services

On Sep. 22, the Association organized leaders from nearly 200 county and city hospitals to have an educational visit to the aforesaid three hospitals in three groups. In each hospital, the delegation first listened to the pharmacy IT reform experience introduced by hospital director and the leaders of pharmacy department as well as the cases of fine management contributed by the smart pharmacy management system inside the hospital.

Director Shao Qinghua of the Third People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province, Deputy Director Wang Ping of the First People’s Hospital of Yunnan Province and Deputy Director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University delivered speeches respectively entitled “Practice of hospital’s medical reform and current development of pharmaceutical services”, “How to incorporate pharmaceutical undertakings into hospital’s quality management system” and “Automatic pharmaceutical management in hospital and relevant practice”.


Afterwards, the delegation reviewed and learned from reference hospitals’ smart pharmaceutical management and distribution process and details of management in its smart out-patient pharmacy, in-patient pharmacy and static medical center. Everyone praised their smart management pattern and their beautiful and modern product exterior design.

 "The intelligent pharmaceutical management system of the provincial people’s hospital is so reliable and labor-saving!" Many visitors who had seen an intelligent out-patient pharmacy for the first time were marveled at the medicine dispensing speed of 3,000 boxes/hour of the fast medicine distribution system. Among the visitors, some were strongly interested in experiencing the smart fingerprint identifier, touch display, automatic sensing drawer, smart shelf and other functional details of hospital’s smart valuable medicine management system; some thumbed up at the humanized functional modules and exterior design of central pharmacy’s intelligent medicine distribution and packaging system.

Caption: Groups of directors and leaders of hospitals all over Yunnan Province reviewed and learned from the management system for smart clinic pharmacy, central pharmacy and inpatient pharmacy, which is customized for the aforementioned teaching hospitals

The association leaders expressed that it is very international and practical for DIH’s pharmaceutical management approach to integrate the closed smart medicine circulation inside the hospital and the lean logistic management system outside the hospital for platform management so as to form a demand-driven end-to-end medicine and full-chain supply system. They expected to maintain the in-depth exchange and cooperation with DIH in the future.

DIH believes that customers’ recognition and trust will definitely accelerate its development. In the future, DIH Technologies will continue to be devoted to international advanced fine pharmaceutical management and intelligent technologies, cooperate with government, associations, medical institutions and more medicine distribution enterprises to build a whole-chain smart medicine logistic ecosystem, shoulder the social responsibility of ensuring safe and effective medicine use and take the end-to-end medication and pharmaceutical logistic management into the 4.0 era.